Inside The Avatar's Studio: In Conversation with Wiz Nordberg: Behind the Camera

On Wednesday February 16th, Wiz sat down with Rockcliffe University CEO Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal) for a one on one interview.

Wiz on Inside the Avatar StudioWiz on Inside the Avatar Studio

Here's the video: http://metaversetv.com/blog/2011/02/inside-the-avatar-studio-4/


Inside The Avatar's Studio: In Conversation with Wiz Nordberg: Behind the Camera

This month’s guest is Wiz Nordberg. Kevin and Wiz will be discussing the growing relationship between broadcasting and virtual environments and what this means in the light of increasingly mobile communications where the market is as much a producer of video content as it is a consumer.

Wiz is the founder and CEO of Treet TV, http://treet.tv (formerly known as SLCN), the world’s first virtual television network of entertainment and lifestyle programs. SLCN started streaming live events from Second Life in March of 2007 and now as Treet TV continues to cover live high-profile events for Linden Lab and others.

In the physical world, Wiz is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur who has years of experience in the tech sector and venture funded start-ups. He was the system architect in several commercial software products and in 1996 Wiz established a respected web development agency in Melbourne Australia. Projects focused on entertainment properties for major record companies like BMG, Universal Music, Warner Music, and others. 1999 led to a new division that pioneered broadband webcasting in Australia with The Mushroom 25th Anniversary ‘Concert of the Century’.

Recently Wiz has provided expertise to tech start-ups as a consultant with Australian government commercialization programs.

Inside The Avatar’s Studio brings together innovative leaders from the virtual technology frontier to discuss perceptions, perspectives, and predictions of what ‘being virtual’ means in today’s society.

Guest speakers discuss current issues and trends surrounding the implications virtual experiences based on their own areas of subject matter expertise.

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